Socks, fingerless gloves, and shopping

Today I (finally) finished mom’s Hedera socks and also finished a pair of Fetching for my cousin. The Hedera are in Louet Gems Sage, they are sized for ladies 9 narrow and they should fit her fine. I could have made them longer and between the left over of the two skeins I used and the extra one I bought I should be able to make another complete pair of socks. I did a short row heel, because I like them better.

For the Fetching I used SWS in Natural Violet. I love the way the pinks work in it but I’m not sure about the greenish sections. They are much bigger than the other pairs I’ve made, which makes me think I’d used smaller needles for the others and that the yarn is definately smaller guage. But I like the extra length and will be making myself a pair, probably in Natural Garden. It is a bit scratchy so I’m thinking maybe I should wash them…

When I picked up the SWS (in Violet, Garden, Plum, and Navy) I also picked up a skein of Mini-Maiden in a beautiful green-brown colourway, I will be making something shawl-scarf-ish out of it eventually. I also got the new IK, and will be doing the Ivy League Vest as soon as my Christmas knitting is out of the way (and KP gets more of the Tidepool Heather…). I ordered a Cro-hook too, which I hope to get in the next week or so. I heard about it on David Reidy’s Podcast Sticks & String, it is a circular needle where one of the points is a crochet hook, great for picking up stitches along arm-holes and neck edges. I like toys, this is an exciting one.


2 thoughts on “Socks, fingerless gloves, and shopping

  1. Sockies! Go you. I have lost the sock bug but will have to get it back for a gift soon.

    I love that SWS colourway you have for that fetching. Very nice and subtle.

  2. I really like those Hederas. I too have lost my sock mojo around here somewhere. Maybe when my blanket is done I’ll get it back?

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