Just keep knitting…

Do I want Emerald, Plum, or Ruby zephyr or similar colours of the Elann peruvian baby lace merino for knitting the Mediterannean Shawl? (Now if I can manage to get some Wollmeise lace weight all bets are off… and if it rains blue cheese …)
I’ve finished another dish cloth (of which I will spare you yet another picture), and the Baby Bobbi Bear and I’ve nearly finished one Phineas sock – I’m keeping it on the needles until I knit the other one (the first one is to the ribbing) so that I make sure I have enough yarn for both of them.
The bear will be a Christmas present and was knit with about 4 skeins of fingering weight Katia alpaca (double stranded) on 5.5mm. It is super soft. The pattern was fairly easy to follow though the head does end up a little oddly shaped, mostly in the back -my mom suggested it needed a hat…
In other news, the Crazy Knitting Lady brought me a present from Rhinebeck – the most beautiful lilac bamboo roving!! I am soo excited. Spinning has always fascinated me, but since I’ve really started to look at it, it has been the thought of spinning bamboo, silk, and flax that have excited me most. Ergo, much squee! I am saving it for the moment until I get a bit better, and trying to decide whether I might not try spinning it with some silk…
Also, I have my new swap partner for the next round of the Hand-dyed yarn swap. This time all the way from Australia – which is very exciting to me. I think given the icky wet cool weather we’ve started to have, I’ll have to do the dying this week to give it time to dry properly, now I just have to figure out what my dad did with all my dying stuff when he cleaned the garage…

One thought on “Just keep knitting…

  1. If it rains blue cheese I will come with crackers.

    Yay bamboo! Hope it spins up good, can’t wait to find out how you, uh, do that 😀 Next year maybe bamboo for me me me..

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