Two posts in one day… (or my afternoon in pictures)

So, I checked out some older spinning material on Knitty and found a link to a DIY lazy kate, which I modified.

I wound my singles onto ‘bobbins’ (aka straws on knitting needles).

And plyed it. I must have divided the original pretty evenly (or had the dumbest luck in the spinning) since I only had around a foot extra.

It looks a little like yarn barf, but oh well.

Then I skeined it around a chair.

Soaked it in my sink.

(Wacked the snot out of it against my shower wall – as instructed in Spin to Knit).

Now it is hanging up in the shower drying.

Once it is dry I have two things to figure out – 1. how much of it is there (‘cuz, dude, I need that information to enter it into Ravelry) and 2. WTF am I supposed to make out of it?!

So, now if only I could spin something remotely consistent… (on the other hand, the current situation might prevent me from buying lbs and lbs of fiber…)

3 thoughts on “Two posts in one day… (or my afternoon in pictures)

  1. That looks pretty good to a non spinner like me.

    I stopped by from Martha’s blog and then I think I recognise the smart Dr Who scarf from the Holiday KAL-CAL – unless you have a knitting doppleganger?

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