Fiber, facecloths, and footwear

oh my!

Soo – today I was supposed to go fiber crawling with a friend, but she had to bail – so I went alone.

I visited:

Lettuce Knit – where I picked up: 3 patterns (Thelonius Socks, Gothic Spire Socks, and Baby Bobbi Bear); a Go Knit Yourself magnet; and a pair of 5.5mm circs
Arton Beads- which really is AMAZING – where I got um.. beads… and some charms, I’m hoping maybe I can find some appropriate cheap paint brushes and make some spindles a la Em.
Romni – where I wandered at length and left with fiber – though I did leave the merino silk where I found it…
I have some serious online shopping to do, so I can get into the main portion of my Christmas stuff.
ION- My hand-dyed yarn swap package arrived today:
On Saturday and Today, I finished another couple of face-cloths. I’ve also charted a design I want to do for one, if it works I’d like to post it somewhere… anyone know of a good way of doing that?

This was my, knitting during parade one.

Here is the 3rd Martini one, finished this morning (cast-on last night).

(Also, I got shoes over the weekend – aren’t they fab?!)

3 thoughts on “Fiber, facecloths, and footwear

  1. The magnets are cool sayings (knit related – ie. Knit happens, go knit yourself, yarnaholic..) with graphics which are somehow contained within beer caps with fairly strong magnets on the backs.

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