To block or not to block

that is the question! The one I usually try to pretend doesn’t exist, I mean, I think I’ve blocked a grand total of one sweater, I never block socks and my first real lace project is still on the needles.

But I just finished my first Christmas present, and it is a shawl. A lace pattern (basically like the lower edge lace of the After Dark Nightie). It was knit in a fingering weight superwash – so do I have to block it? Will it really look better if I wet it and pin it out?

(I can’t find the camera cable or I’d add pictures at this point). Whether I have to block it or not, I’m very excited to have it done. I’m started already on the second one (which is going to be a slightly narrower chevron lace shawl). I’ve also planned out the third which I really don’t know what to expect from, but it should be interesting at any rate.


One thought on “To block or not to block

  1. Hmm, I’m definitely not an expert on superwash but I say block it anyway! Lace is supposed to love blocking. So I say even if it doesn’t change the finished product, you can’t hurt it. But it just might make it look even nicer.

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