Forget Jan, the new year is just around the corner

September is the real new year, summer ends, the weather changes, and school and work pick up again. It is the time of year when I make my resolutions and refocus on what needs to be accomplished. (Which is consequently, why I am in pain right now – stupid new exercise programme). It is also the point by which I absolutely have to have begun my Christmas knitting, or things like last years – finished two hours after Amy left- senario.

I am doing much better this year. I have projects planned (for 3 friends – who never read my knitting blog so I can post all I want) and my sister (who is in the army and has better things to do than scope out Christmas and birthday present spoilers on a knitting blog she doesn’t know exists).

Plans are as follows:

*3 shawls for the girls in Sea of No Cares, California Dreaming, and something I haven’t dyed yet, because Boston and St. John’s didn’t work out. Sea of No Cares Shawl is cast on and 1/4 finished – if only I could keep up this pace, I’d be done no sweat.

*I’ll be knitting a Marvin doll (from Hitchhikers Guide – see here – amazing what you can find on Ravelry!) for Leah’s birthday

*She’ll be getting a Dr. Who scarf for Christmas, and possibly I’ll use the Boston and St. John’s to knit her something, socks maybe or even a stuffed animal of some description).

I also have to finish my Socks for Solider’s socks (the legs of both socks are done, and I’m through the heel and gusset on one, hopefully it’ll be done in the next week or so) – NTS: these socks are huge!! (oh, and the socks for Nonna…)

I’ve also bought yarn to make my Coachella, which I have been resisting casting on, though as it will be quick I’m sorely tempted. I may even be able to do a smallish size, given that the comments seem to be that it runs big.

One thought on “Forget Jan, the new year is just around the corner

  1. Sounds good. I’ve been listening to the stash and burn podcast, and they got me to actually get started.

    I’m going to get your yarn really soon. Today I had to get a root canal, and tomorrow my Mom has surgery, but it should go out after labor day. (Do they observe that in Canada?)

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