Whee – yarny goodness

It arrived, FINALLY!!

Those two outstanding yarn orders of mass proportions – they got here on the same day.

See ->
(photographed next to the file of stuff for the article I’m writing and season 5 of X-files – for which I only have one episode left to watch).

There is the 20 balls of lanett from Ram Wools out in Winnipeg.

And 10 skeins of Knit Picks bare
superwash fingering weight.

12 of the lanett are for Christmas knitting (as in I know what they are for, vs the others which might end up Christmas knitting but I’m not sure as what…), they are going to be hand-dyed and made into shawls (3shawls x4balls) so I played with my swift for the first time and skeined all 12 last night for dyeing next week (most of this week coming will be wedding related, as one of my girl-friends is getting married). I’m hoping to find some merino/tencel on our yarn crawl on Thrusday and dye that at the same time for the Hand-dyed yarn swap, if I can’t I’ll either use more of the lanett or the KP for that I’m thinking that on that crawl we also need to hit the bead store(s) and the dye store.

One thought on “Whee – yarny goodness

  1. Ohhh, such yarny goodness… Ooh, think of the socks you’ll make with those. I played with G’s swift the other week and it’s so satisfying getting the yarn cakes.

    Season 5 X-Files, woo! That’s a good season. I like season 3 too. You’re making me all nostalgic for it.

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