Pretty good, for a Wednesday

* I made a dent in the annoying little things that have to be done to my paper, (the plan is to add a wee section before bed and then have nought but a trip to the library and editing to do).

* My Socks for Soldiers kit arrived today and I cast on my very first pair of Big Black Socks. I’ve been thinking about doing this for awhile, and finally got around to it at the end of my vacation a couple of weeks ago.

– it also came with 4 stitch markers; a cute little monkey ruler thingy, a couple of plastic darning needles, and some really really flexible plastic dpns (I tried using them and it made me feel twitchy -weird- so I switched back to my bamboos).

* I played more on Ravelry. I now have several things I’d like to try.
QUESTION: as cotton shrinks, what can I use or how do I modify (ie. how much bigger do I make it) if I’m trying to knit a hat (not for myself that will definately get washed hot) that calls for cotton?

* I had a couple more adventures on Lime and Violet’s KnitWars.

2 thoughts on “Pretty good, for a Wednesday

  1. Awesome. I’ve got to check out the Knit Wars thing.

    I don’t know if you saw the yarn in a knot on my blog. That is the superwash I was going to use for your yarn. There’s a few fuzzy spots but I think it’ll. However, I can give you some of the merino non-superwash instead (I only had one superwash skein.) Which would you prefer.

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