Tuesday… right?

Yesterday was a holiday Monday, so that makes it Tuesday, right?

I’m trying to make sure and work for at least 3 to 4 hours a day on my article. I think most of it is coherent now, so it is just editing and annotating (which I really really hate).

I read Deathly Hallows yesterday, I was satisfied (and mostly right).

I have now finished the number of repeats for the shawl, but my guage must be waaaay off because it says it is supposed to be 87″ and I’ve got 51″ – I guess I’ll do another 4 repeates and take it to 15 and see where it is at then. 😦 I was so looking forward to being able to block it and photograph it and tuck it away until it is time to give it a Christmas 😦

*sigh* Must. get. back. to. article.

(But I would rather play with the ravelry pattern library…)


2 thoughts on “Tuesday… right?

  1. Yep, that there Ravelry can be pretty addictive! I think I’m over my initial wave of enthusiasm, but I’m sure another wave will hit me soon enough.

  2. Holiday? Is that a Canada thing?

    I’ve been sending some time in Ravelry as well, trying to decide the best ways to utilized the pattern queue.

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