Cottage Knitting

So I’ve finished the Fawkes, and here they are. They are in Koigu, which was nice to knit with, but I think I’m missing something since I’m at a loss to know what is so special about it (please don’t hit me…). Like I said, they turned out a little short and next time I’ll make them longer.

and I taught my sister to knit! And here is her first project, she is knitting Fetching in some yarn I hand-dyed.

5 thoughts on “Cottage Knitting

  1. Oh now those are some nice socks right there, ooh. I must steal the pattern from you!

    Wow, now that’s a super first project, the Fetching! Your sister’ll be dyeing her own sock yarn in no time. 😀

  2. Knat! (Hah. We do need a better past tense.)

    Yes but it’s so much cooler when you can say, “this sweater? yeah, that only took me a month! Psh, it was nothing.” Eventually, when I have the GO Train commute on my side…

    Glenna just got a book that has some thigh-high lace stockings in it. Clearly meant for you to knit.

  3. I’m with you on the Koigu–the only thing I like about it is the colors usually fleck instead of stripe, pool, barberpole, etc. But I am REALLY dissatisfied with the amount of yardage for the price, and it takes so long for most places to get them in stock that the color selection is lacking. There are TONS of other sock yarns out there that I like a lot more and don’t have all the hype.
    That blue yarn that you dyed is stunning!! I’m a sucker for blues…

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