Vacation knitting

Tomorrow my family leaves for vacation, a week at a rented cottage.

So I’ve been preping and packing all the knitting I will need.

Thus far I’ve got:
* my shawl, which I’d love to finish
* the Red Carpet Convertible, which I need to finish for the july KAL at Sexy Knitters Club
* a random hand towel in elann’s Camila for testing that yarn with
* the first of a pair of knee socks for Nonna (I’ll leave the other one until she’s tried the first one on)
* something I’m thinking I might try submitting to Knitty and therefore can’t talk about…
* a pair of Fawkes to be knit with some Koigu from my stash
* a pair of Clessidra to be knit with the green below
* and I’ve also thrown in a ball of Austermann to maybe try the Monkey socks with

oh and my little sister wants to knit a pair of Fetching, so we’ll be using some leftovers from my stash for that – which I dyed red for her earlier this week.

Yesterday and today I’ve done some last minute dyeing.

Yesterday was this for the thing I can’t talk about, the colour is irrelevant to the project in many ways, I just wanted to see what would happen if I combined Tropical Punch with Cherry:

And today I did up this, for my Clessidra socks, it is Emerald Green with some Jet Black of the Jacquard dyes, I need to find my sister to help me wind it…

Also: I broke down and ordered a swift, which should be here when I get home and the fabulous Captain will hopefully bring me my very own ball winder when she comes up next month. So now that I’ve gotten pretty good at winding respectable cakes I won’t have to do it myself anymore – go figure!

(*Pets VISA and promises to be good in the fall). I may also have ordered 20 balls of off white superwash to dye up for various things, including some Christmas knitting…. and decided that come the fall I’ll order the necessary wool to knit my sister the Dr Who scarf she has long desired…

um…. look isnt’ it pretty!!
[EDIT] After posting the above I walked to the mail box and found…

fashion accessories from Australia!!!

And now the After Dark Nightie is finis! The blue doesn’t match exactly, but it isn’t horrible. The red I think will match the Euro-flax exactly, the purple is beautiful, but very dark and the olive is quite bright. I’m even thinking that maybe the clear printed ones might be an nice alternative. But I am pleased with them over all. (They are from Strap Me Up, and the girl there was friendly and prompt, so if you are looking for something… NB: When I ordered shipping to Canada was $10AUD, so you might want to order a few things at once).

Here is the finished Nightie, straps attached:


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