It is done! Well, the knitting and the seaming is done. I’m trying to figure out what I should do about straps as the only ones I can find are white and that would look horrible on my lovely blue handknit. Suggestions would be much appreciated. (I’m looking into – they have neat stuff, but I’m not sure what shipping prices/turn around times are like). It feels silly to order one bra strap to be sent all the way from Australia.
Back pinned down.

front and back
detail of lower edge lace

detail top edge lace

I’m going to cast on the Red Carpet Convertible tonight while I watch movies with my lil’ sis – Kowalski (my camo goknit pouch) is all loaded up with the various necessities and the pattern is printed out. Tomorrow the knitting will take a backseat to all things Parzival for a little while.
I got my new printer so yeah, I can print patterns (and other stuff too, but mostly patterns). My blanket chart looks so cool all printed out.

2 thoughts on “Victory!

  1. Wow! I’m so jealous. And you knitted it all so fast! Mine is still just a little smidge of lace, I am going to have to try it again this weekend and hope things go well.

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