I’ve finished the back of the nightie, and started the front. So (*touch wood*) I might actually get it done in time – even in lots of time.

Yesterday I taught a friend how to knit, she was very persevering and now has a couple of cms of ribbing (well, not even ribbing but ribbing) for a pair of socks – as she got bored with flat knitting.

I’m sitting in the kitchen waiting for the timer to go off so I can remove the yarn from the dye pot and set up the next one. I’m dyeing 3 skeins of fingering – two superwash and one not. I’m going to try to do one in Ravenclaw to throw in with my HSKS, but it turns out that the one dye I was going to use which comes in a blue package is in fact red (?!) and so I’ll be doing that in a mixture of the acid dyes I had in my stash. The non-superwash is going to be green and orange (kool aid); the other superwash is in the pot now and is purple, pink, orange (kool aid) and natural. The purple looks like it will be quite patchy. I am very slowly learning things that I should be able to realize before I do them with each dye attempt (like you need ample space for the yarn if you want it all to have colour…).

The weather is nice though, and I’ve set the drying rack up out in the back so I’m hoping that it won’t take as long for things to dry as they did last time when I had vinegar scented yarn in my shower for ages.

I’m hoping that the self-stripping thing will work again this time, I tried to replicate the conditions from last time, but I altered the stripes a bit so I don’t know how it will work out.

Also, I need a *&%^*%*&*(-ing swift. I think my next knitpicks order is going to include one.


One thought on “Kool

  1. Hey Kate:

    Just putting your HSKS swap in the mail today. Lots of fun stuff in there – hope you like it!


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