sort of like swatching..

Today I worked on my bag for the swap, it is all done but for a fixture I need to pick up on Tuesday (when the stores reopen).

Since I was drafting the pattern myself, I had to go search the house for a geometry set (you’d think with all the math being done around here that wouldn’t be hard). Right angles confirmed I made a mock up out of an old shirt that didn’t work out quite right. It was definitely worth doing the mock up (which I almost never do), it enabled me to work out what kind of seams to use where – though I did have to make a few more modifications on the final project. Then I took out the fabric for the project, (why did I buy 1.5m of it when I hardly needed a foot….). I learned some interesting things while working with the actual bag material:

1- I like natural fibers best even in sewing
2- fray check will actually re-solidify on this stuff and peel off
3- circles suck (well I figured that out with the mock up, but they really suck with slippery, synthetics)

But the bag looks lovely – though I’m not sure if I should/am allowed to post pictures if it is for a swap… I’ll put some up eventually. And now I have enough material to make another 6 at least.

Anyway, back to the nightie I go, I’m nearly to the waist shaping.


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