Wool gathering

Today was a good day – as most of it was spent shopping or knitting (and I finished Iter, bonus).

I went to Lettuce Knit to pick up some of the necessaries for a couple of projects and my HSKS2. I noticed a red in the Euroflax I didn’t see before, I think that is what I want to use when I do one for myself. I also picked up some Mini Maiden (half silk, half wool) it is soooo soft. I don’t know what I’m going to do with it, I’ll probably stash it and then collect a few more in matching colours then maybe do a shawl or some such.

My next stop was Lee Valley, where I got dowel rods to make into needles (and a book on the navy). I am ever so excited to try it, I love the idea of being as involved in the total knitting process as possible so making the tools ranks way up there on the ‘how cool is that’ scale. [It remains to be seen if I can execute, but I look forward to trying anyway]. BTW: that store is amazing! It was a very dangerous place to go into, I’m terribly lucky I didn’t leave with plans for a roll top desk or a boat…

Question: could pen blanks be used to make effective spindle shafts?

Later I went back to Michael’s for a few things and hit up Fabricland for bag making supplies – I think ours might be closing. After that I found a few things I still lacked at Zellers.

The rest of the night was knitting- I’ve finally got started knitting the nightie from Mason-Dixon Knitting. I am very much enjoying it, I’m nearly finished the lace at the bottom for the back. (Which is a good thing since I need to have it done soon, very soon…)


One thought on “Wool gathering

  1. :O! Aaah, you beat me to the nightie! Well that’s it, I’m definitely starting mine this weekend, too 😉 So jealous.

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