Dishcloths and beads

First off: Tomorrow is the last day for sign-ups at the Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap so go sign up!

So yesterday I finally got the car and made it to Michaels – which in my humble opinion is generally useless for knitting – but it is not bad for beads and baking stuff and it carries Bernat craft cotton, which most real yarn stores do not carry.
Bernat is wonderful for dishcloths, so I picked up a whack of it, in solids and some matching variegated colours and started making my first Ballband dishcloths from the Mason Dixon Knitting book. I have one done already (well except for weaving in the ends) and another more than half done. I’m thinking I’ll now start a Bernat stash for the sake of dishcloths…
But mostly I wanted to get to Michael’s for beads and assorted bead related things. For you see, the HSKS kit includes stitch markers and I figured that was the perfect excuse for me to make some. I’ve never used fancy ones myself – usually just plain jump rings or the little plastic disks, but I’m always game to try something new. And I now have – um- 6 sets of either 6 or 4 markers, and plans for more. I made them in Ravenclaw colours (see previous post about why I’m in Ravenclaw) and Slytherin (because that is my real house) and purple (because my birthstone is amethyst). I have plans for ones in Gryffindor and Huffelpuff colours too, but I need to get back to Michael’s first. I’ll try to make that trip tonight or on the weekend, and pick up some more stuff because my OC personality has decided this is fun and therefore I need to make dozens and dozens of them.

(fun and pretty)

(and apparently I was having a problem with the focus….)

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