Socks socks and more… socks

I finished my first knee high! (also my first garment of my own design to be completed – if a sock can be said to be of my design….) It fits and is – amazingly- knee high. Now I need to knit the other one and then I’ll do the post pictures and put the pattern into some semblance of sense and post that too. (Writing up patterns = way harder than designing and knitting it in the first place). Unfortunately it is June and the humidity has hit ergo I have little desire to wear socks at all let alone knee highs.

I’ve also started knitting the Chevron socks from The initial cast on is a bitch, but it seems to be knitting up nicely. I’m using some self patterning blues and white that I had in my stash (the selection of this yarn being inspired by the next section). This is my second toe up sock, the first having been the test knee high (which is why it didn’t have a mate). I’m not sure how I feel about this method – I don’t think it was the best for me for knee highs –shapely thighs do not accommodate dpns (and I don’t have enough circs in small/same sizes to knit them that way). I like top down, but I was stubbornly determined that I would not let the pattern defeat me. So I managed the toe shaping and learned how to make left and right leaning increases in the process. Anyway I’m liking the pattern and since fit beyond the foot is not my issue on this sock I don’t think the toe up is going to matter much going forward.

(Here’s what the sock looks like:)

And the last socks – I went and signed up for the Hogwart’s Sock Kit Swap 2. I heard about it while listening to the SSK podcast (BTW – those things need warning labels the number of KALs etc. that I’ve wanted to join and yarn/roving to buy is just scary!) I joined, I am excited. I get to make up a package of goodies centered around sock knitting goodness and connect with other knitters. This makes me happier than it ought to, but it’s been (and promises to continue to be) a stressy summer so I figured why not have the fun anyway. In order to participate I had to first be sorted, there were 5 quizzes listed on the side bar for that sort of thing, I did them all, I was sorted into all 4 houses!! I went with Ravenclaw, since it won the tie breaker – hence the blue based socks-, but I found it terribly amusing. FYI- if you are interested sign-ups are open until June 21.


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