When you can’t knit…

you can always listen to someone else talk about it.

As I’ve been doing a marathon of RA hours I’ve been listening to knitting podcasts – lots and lots of podcasts.

4 of my favourites are:
*Lime and Violet
*Sticks and Strings
*Knitters Uncensored

Other randomness:
*Check this out, I totally don’t have time for it but… (once I hear back I’ll post more extensively)
*Also, I heard about Ravelry, I’m now on a waiting list – it looks like fun
*I’m almost to the heel of the first knee high – not sure if it might be a bit too tight…
*I bought Kool-aid, I feel like a 6 year old – so excited, there will be sock yarn dyeing with fruity smells (vs. vinegar-y ones) soon


One thought on “When you can’t knit…

  1. Thanks for linking us on your blog-as soon as you get your invite-be sure to add me as a “friend”!


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