Knee highs!!

So I spent knit in public day knitting at home 😦 Though many people saw me doing so, as we were hosting a BBQ for my father’s staff.

I finished knitting a test version of a knee high. Since I can’t just follow a pattern on one because I have… um… shapely calves… so there is need for modification, but I also have gauge issues so I didn’t know how much would be required. Ergo a test sock, which is done and now I know (and knowing is half the battle, Go Joe!!… wait, sorry, channeling my childhood…). I also tried out a couple of pattern options and used up some really really old sock yarn – bought before I understood about the wonder of knitting socks (or much about knitting in general – about oh, 7 years ago), but apparently I had decent taste when set loose in a real yarn store. The test sock, as a result, looks really funny. But it fits and is a sock so, go it!

Things I’ve learned:
*It is possible to memorize a lace pattern and to understand where to place what
*counting to seven is hard (or can be when also talking to people etc and trying to mentally keep track of rows)
*this merino/silk is really really nice to work with and the pattern is showing up so much better on the natural coloured wool than in the crazy variegated stuff
*writing out the pattern is hard! Trying to explain is so much harder than just doing! (Though working out the math so the pattern centres properly makes things much nicer)

*What does one do with a pattern once it is designed and knit?
*Who does one tell?
*How do you make the world understand how important and brilliant it is that there be a decrease on needle one and an increase on needle three to create a centre for the lace pattern and the decreases while facilitating the cool ribbing pattern on needles 2 and 4?

Now – bed
Tomorrow – Iter (my sock will just have to wait! *sniff*)


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