So it starts, for real this time..

I have decided to design a guernsey. I’ve never done anything other than socks except with a pattern, and usually those (in the sweater family) kind of suck, generally a little too big and I’ve had bad luck with yarn choices (I’m working the learning curve for all it’s worth).

This sweater is going to be for my 10 year old brother and is going to use up at least some of the yarn I mis-dyed at Christmas last year. (Which means the final product is going to require a dye job of its own, I figure I’ll dunk it in some black and let the grey mix with the various shades of turquoise – as long as it is greyish the 10 yr old won’t care anyway!)

I was a good girl and did my swatch – see swatch-

Then I promptly did all my calculations and cast on twice as many stitches as I needed. So the sweater for the 28in chest 10yr old started life as if made for a 56in chest…
I thought something wasn’t right, so last night when I ran out of the first skein about 4 inches in I rechecked the diagrams and realized I’d doubled the chest (no stupid M’s chest is not 28 across it is 28 around!!) So today I frogged it all, rewound the ball, and cast on again – the right number of stitches this time. On the upside I’m getting much better at hand winding centre pull balls.

I’m now past the ribbing and first pattern band and into what I think I’ll make a large section of stockinette on the body. It works up so much quicker this size… The patterning really can’t be seen because of the yarn, which makes me think that my greyish finished product is just going to look greyish and hide all my cool designed patterning, but oh well it is a test garment after all.

(In unrelated news, I understand using the same actors/actresses as extras and bit parts, but come on X-files season 3 used one actor and one actress in two different episodes, I mean at least have them come a couple of seasons apart!! – also, when in HMV going to put seasons 4 and over on sale?! I am now finished 1-3 people!)

One thought on “So it starts, for real this time..

  1. Yay for a guernsey! I’ve never done one of those before. And hey, kids sweaters are supposed to be faster, right?

    Which XF actor are you talking about? Now I’m curious. Woo hoo. XF s1-3! so much fun.

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