Yo ho ho

The shawl continues to progress, but since it is the same, but just (imperceptibly longer) I will be saving pictures for later.

But I’ve got back to socks, I wanted something calming that I didn’t really need to pay attention to for the other night. So I grabbed some of that black Kroy I inherited, some of the left over from those 2in1s, season 3 of Xfiles and I hid in my room and knit and knit and knit.
This is the result… I just need to graft the toes and sew in ends, but you can ignore that part.

The socks are for a friend who loves all things pirate-y.
I have been doing a short-row heel of late on every sock, because after a couple of other projects using short rows and the 2in1 socks, I had the heel turn memorized. This one I did using a heel flap (based on the Yarn Harlot’s guidelines in Knitting Rules), now I’ve got that memorized too, so bonus. The major difficulty with these was trying to centre it for doing the heel after I’d cast on with the set up for the skull motif on the sides.
I’ll graft the toes tonight, and then work on the other one over the next few days (ie. at K’zoo). I may bring the other ball of hand-dyed with me too, since while I love the shawl (and will probably tote it too) it doesn’t make for very good conference knitting since there is no way to pretend to pay attention while reading a lace chart.

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