Knitting in translation

*sigh* As April progresses stubbornly towards completion all life screams in my face about all the things that need doing – mostly the conference paper I have to write for early May and my fields in June.

So I plow through, hoping to remember something along the way.

My other two pairs of socks got finished at the conference in Boston – (one pair of well rinsed socks now hang in my bathroom, free of runny blue dye).

But now back to ‘Juliana’ – *10mins Old English, 1 row of knitting* repeat until line 246 is reached (or my head explodes, whichever).

I’m now in earnest working on the lace shawl I bought everything for in the fall. I started it once already and nearly gave myself a coronary trying to figure it out, so I put it away. But since I’m in stash knitting mode right now I figured I’d try it again, so far I’ve only screwed it up a couple of times, but each time I realized it and was able to figure out what was going on. But it remains to be seen how it will turn out.


One thought on “Knitting in translation

  1. Ooh I’ll be curious to see your shawl progress. I’m sorry you had to do so much re-starting. Sending you plenty of lace-mojo to get it going again…

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