Socks have eaten my brain

It’s been um, a while…

But since last updating I have:

*Finished the dark blue Ivy
*Made a huge mess of the dying for the second one – I think this wool will need to be re-dyed and maybe made into a stripey sweater…
*and so knit the second one out of Inca Silk (in love light blue) from Ram Wools (I got it done – 2hrs after my cousin left our house on Christmas)
*dyed sock yarn – which I conned my cousin and Aunt into winding for me!
*learned to knit 2 socks at a time! (yes I am that awesome) – 3 pairs done that way (two went to a friend – whose cat’s really like them… O.o)
*mastered the sizing of socks for myself – and finished a pair in Austermann Step today that prove it
*knit a pair of socks for another friend in a cotton/elastic blend.

So basically socks have eaten my brain. I am so pleased to be able to just knit them – I basically use the Yarn Harlot’s basic sock instructions but with a short row heels (because I learned to do them for the 2in1 socks and if I was to use a heel flap I’d have to look up instructions). I still can’t graft a toe worth a darn, but I can fake it well enough.

I have plans for some more socks, and am thinking I might need to just return a bunch of yarn I bought that I now don’t really like… oops. Come summer I’ll order some more yarn (superwash this time) to dye for socks so I know I’ll like (or at least be to blame) for the colours.

Some one please tell me why chartreuse is in fashion this season?!


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