Ivy – the last lap is always the hardest

I’ve been knitting Ivy since sometime in September (anxiously anticipating doing so for some time before then).

Today I have finally finished knitting the ‘big’ pieces and now have only

2 54″ ties
the sewing up

left before I am finished and able to wear it. (partially because I am generally adverse to blocking and therefore am skipping that step – at least I am planning to skip it, we’ll see.)

Here are a few of the pieces :

And some closer detail:

I’m working with Telemark, Skyline from knitpicks.com. I’m rather liking it. It is 100% wool, but feels a lot like cotton and it shows the cabling quite nicely.

Today I’ve placed an (other large) order with knitpicks for various things, including some undyed DK weight Merino to knit another Ivy – this one as a Christmas present. I couldn’t find the colour I wanted any where in the right weight, so I’m going to try to make it myself.

Knitting plans continue to develop and I should have company when it comes time for dying. (there will also be sock wool dying… oh dear… grad students + dye + wool + some form of alcohol = a very very fun but also very very scary prospect)


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